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MGC Pharma's CannEpil+ Granted UK Import Approval

CannEpil+ has become the first epilepsy treatment containing THC to be approved for import whilst still undergoing clinical trials. The landmark approval will see CannEpil+ prescribed free of charge on compassionate grounds to 10 patients for 6 months, with its efficacy being monitored by the Patient data collection app Alta Flora. Now officially approved in the UK, CannEpil+ can be prescribed by doctors for both adults and children.

CannEpil+ is manufactured under strict EU-GMP conditions and is available to patients in countries with medical cannabis programs.

Elite Pharmaco is proud to be the UK Distribution partner of MGC and is pleased to share the announcement of the UK permit being passed for CannEpil+

Robin Emerson COO of Elite Pharmaco commented "This is a huge step forward for cannabis-based medications in the UK. As a father of a 5-year-old girl I have witnessed first-hand how Jorja's life has been transformed by the use of a Cannabis based medication that contains THC. With this product approval patients that have tried everything else how have a product with some level of safety and efficacy for the treatment of epilepsy that can be prescribed by their physician. With the ongoing clinical trial portfolio that MGC Pharma have developed, including a near term UK NHS based trial, we are answering the call of clinicians in the UK who are asking for safety and efficacy data. The CannEpil+ programme we are executing will go a long way to moving cannabis-based medications toward greater adoption and acceptance, opening up much needed access for patients in the UK.

Read the full press release here:

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